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Books have the power to open doors to new horizons. When children are introduced to reading from an early age, they begin to develop an understanding of the world and things happening around them. But developing a lifelong independent reading habit requires effort. Children need to be encouraged to read at home and even at school.

Students need guidance learning how to find the type of books they might like.

To nurture a love for reading, we have a list of must-read books that deserve to be included in the course. These books have the power to hook your kids to reading.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice deserve to be a part of the course for a plethora of reasons. During the initial years at school, children encounter all sorts of challenges, bullying, and biasness being the most common ones. It becomes difficult for them to decide what to do. Books resonate with children. It helps inspire children by creating an impact. Books like Pride and Prejudice help children learn how to be an ally. They learn strategies through this story and see themselves as characters who fought for themselves.

This book should always remain a part of the course. It equips children to become a source of strength for themselves and others. It opens their mind to the totality of humanity makes them realize and accept their shortcomings.

Cool Hand Luke

Cool hand Luke is a book about rebellion and conformity. It displays the concepts of social influence, persuasion, and obedience. Introducing these concepts to your children at an early age is essential. Cool hand Luke should be a part of children’s course as it teaches them the important concepts in the most subtle ways.

Catcher in the Rye

During tough times Catcher in the Rye will help you get perspective on your life.

It will help children understand that they are not the only ones coping with problems.

The main character, Holden, is portrayed as someone who is mostly unhappy, but he cherishes his company with his mentors. When kids read this book, it instills an idea that they can rely on their mentors too.

Red Pony

The Red Pony is a literary fiction designed to assist the teachers in moving students beyond the surface story. This story can be taught at the middle school and high school levels. It should be included in the course for several reasons. The most important one is its emphasis on living with limited economic means. It’s a simple plot in which every chapter can stand alone as a short story. This must-read fiction novel is full of symbols of life and maturation.

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a glimpse of New York life before The Great Depression kicked in. It’s a perfect example of how human nature does not change. It should be added to the course because it’s a perfect example of how failures can breed success. Children often feel knocked off during even minor setbacks where books like this one can provide courage.

These five books deserve to be included in the course. They will reignite the love of reading that sometimes fades as children move towards their teenage life. They will ensure that children continue to be an avid reader for years to come.

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