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How many of you remember when Stephen King said that the ideas come from his nightmares? Believe it or not, he was actually stating the truth. Take our word for it; every book he has written will leave you sweaty and counting what day you might be able to sleep.

Reading thrillers and suspense novels is not really an acquired taste, deep down, we’re all suckers for that kick. So if you’re ready for some sleepless (yet the best) nights of your life, here is the list of books that you must read at least once;


Stephen King pens the story of a misfit high school girl Carrie White who possesses telekinetic powers. As she discovers her ability to move things with the power of her brain, she begins using it to evoke fear and cause destruction.


Who hasn’t heard about this film. Well, the book is better! For those who haven’t seen the film, this is probably one of Stephen King’s best works. The antagonist of the book is a clown who feeds on children’s fears. As the people in the city start to go missing, the protagonists, seven children, take it upon themselves to find the real culprit.


Remember Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Dexter is the scarier version. Jeff Lindsay authored the American crime book series that unfolds the happenings of a vigilante, Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician in Miami’s Metro Police Department by day and serial killer for anyone who came in his way by night. Justice served the right way; at least, that’s what he thinks.

The Stand

Stephen King was probably way too ahead of his time. In 1987, he gave the readers one of the finest thrillers of all time. The Stand features a biological research mishap at the military base. The aftermath of this dark fantasy novel unravels a pandemic taking over the world.

Pet Sematary

Nominated as the best World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1986, Stephan King gives the readers creeps in Pet Sematary. As a family moves into a new house, they uncover a deep hidden mysterious burial ground and a hideous truth. The family learns that sometimes, death is better than the truth.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is perhaps, one of the scariest novels to exist. Peter Blatty narrates the story of a girl, Linda Blare, in this suspense thriller. As she starts acting odd, the family seeks medical help, which is soon found to be a dead-end. The real reason is blood-chilling, a demonic possession that is attempted to be exorcised.

Wrapping It Up

Let these six thrillers raise your goosebumps while we bring in some more suggestions for you!

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