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If you wish to improve the quality of your life by becoming more organized, then we suggest you get into the habit of reading books.

Book reading has made people take more informed decisions, determined, and driven towards their goals more than ever. Studies have proven a striking difference among people who cultivated a habit of reading in their childhood than those who don’t read at all. These people have been more successful, ambitious, and empathetic in life. Apart from the psychological impact on people’s minds, books also positively affect a person’s physical health.

Books help you fall asleep more peacefully by lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress. People seek joy in reading books as they provide an escape from reality and exposure to different perspectives required for a more open mind. Here is how reading makes you a better person.

Reading Makes You Feel Happier

A study conducted by Josie Billington at the University of Liverpool, after surveying 4.164 adults, found a staggering difference between people who read regularly and those who do not. People who spend their time reading books have reported being more relaxed in stressful situations. They have higher levels of Self-esteem and a powerful mind to cope with challenges.

On the contrary, non-readers don’t exhibit such values. They have shown more aggression and frustration when faced with a problem that signals a lack of patience. Moreover, they have also developed a stronger awareness of social issues and cultural diversity.

Reading Makes You More Empathetic

Reading tragedy novels allows a person to become more empathetic. Imagining a character and the range of emotions described in a novel enables people to become more synced with themselves. It helps to derive self-awareness which is beneficial for achieving higher levels of emotional intelligence.

If you wish to become more empathetic, try reading novels based on romantic catastrophes. You can always ask a friend to help you pick our best sellers whenever you hit a bookstore next time. By enhancing your “theory of mind,” reading greatly impacts how others think and predict the actions of others. This is commonly known as “Intuitive philosophy.” It makes us better at the judgment and more insightful of other thought patterns.

Reading Improves Our Cognitive Intelligence

Research has proven readers to activate certain areas of the brain. It rewires those areas of the brain responsible for speaking a specific language and vision. Moreover, it improves the functioning of the brain as well helping us to understand situations better and take accurate measures. This rewiring phenomenon also cultivates certain biological changes in the brain that lasts for upto five days.

However, these effects do not last permanently. They need to be refreshed frequently by filling in on your reading gaps.

Wrapping Up

Do you want ideas on what books to read to help you become a better person? Pop in online on books stores or skim through different blogs that include a proper guide for self-help books.

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