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There is something magical about the tunes that musicians make for children. This is the reason that one of the tops viewed videos on YouTube is not Despacito by Luis Fonsi but Baby Shark poem. There is not much in the song’s lyrics, but it is the tune that has taken people by the storm. It is not just the children who sing this but also the adults who have set the tune in their mouths. You can find anyone in your surrounding who must be humming the tune of Baby Shark in the middle of any work unconsciously. People have continued to buy it as an online wakeup ringtone in the USA.

Here are a few of the most famous ringtones for children:

Toy Story, You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Toy story is one of the favorite movies of all the kids. The story is inspirational and nostalgic. The adults can think about their own childhood by watching this movie, and children can relate to it. The song promotes the message of friendship in children in a very simple style. The lyrics of this song are also easy to remember, and everyone around the globe can sing it. The children can imagine themselves instantly as Woody with his friend Buzz and others. If you liked this Randy Newman song, you could buy it as an online wake up ringtone in the USA.

The Wheels on The Bus Go Round and Round

This is another most popular track among not just children but also adults all around the globe. The children sing this in synchronization, and their melodies have transferred the energy in adults to sing it too. The purpose of this poetic song was to teach the kid about the mode of transportation. However, the children never like the song due to its lyrics. It is the tune that they just can’t forget. The language is too simple without any difficult vocab, which makes it easy to remember for English children and non-English. The best part is that the children start imitating a bus driver while singing this. Buy it as an online wakeup ringtone in the USA to get your children to drive a bus.

Let it go—Frozen

Probably one of the most beautiful songs that a children’s movie has ever produced. The song has an amazing tune with inspirational lyrics. The song is in the female voice, but the lyrics can make even boys enjoy it and swing with the melody. The kids who are dealing with heavy emotions, this song has the potential to empower them the moment they hear it. The song is about asking the listener to let go of their pains and insecurities in life. This song remained in the top 10 charts for several months, and you would love it if you buy it as an online wakeup ringtone in the USA.

The Lion King’s Hakuna Matata

It is one of the all-time classics among Disney movies. The song appeared almost three decades ago, but the cinematography and the story of the Lion King movie created a great impact on the listeners. It is a fun song and depicts a happy moment in the tragic story of Simba. The title of the song is in the Swahili language, which means ‘no troubles’ The song lyrics emphasize cherishing the small things in life despite of other worries. It can happen that we may neglect the small moment for the sake of achieving long-term dreams. You can buy it as an online wakeup ringtone in the USA and set it as your ringtone or set it on your children’s devices to add fun.

Baby Shark by Pinkfong

The list of songs for children is just not complete without mentioning this most famous and contagious song. The song has over 10 billion views at this moment, which means it is more than the world’s total population. It seems as if the whole world is singing “baby shark do doo” together. There is no creativity in terms of lyrics except a little story about the family of a shark who did “do-do-doo” amazing, no? That is all this melody has for you.


There are several other contagious songs that can lift your mood as well as your children’s. You can buy them as an online wakeup ringtone in the USA and set them on your phones.

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