How to read your books in PDF And other digital formats?

  • Once you have downloaded the e-book from the website, you need to open it using the software. Almost all books are in PDF format, so you need to download the software.

Can I download the book to my desktop, laptop, or smartphone?

  • Yes, you can download the book on any of these devices and read it without any hassle using a PDF reader tool.

Is safe to browse for visitors outside of the US?

  • The website is protected with SSL certificates which means that every visitor can safely browse and download books with confidence. We regularly check our website for any vulnerabilities to ensure that our visitors/ customers enjoy their experience.

Can I reprint or save a copy of the online version of my book?

  • Our books are copyright protected, so you cannot save a copy or republish it under any circumstance. Our books are exclusively our content which means that readers can only read it in “as – is” format without modifying or reprinting a copy of the original book.

If I am having difficulties downloading the book in my system, what should I do?

  • If you encounter errors when downloading the book, or the book is not downloading into your device and citing some error, reach out to our support staff via phone or email and have them resolve the issue.

Why my e-book has more pages than the hardcover version?

  • For obvious reasons, e-books typically contain more pages than a paperback and hardcover version. The publishing format is different, while the page size is also different. The page of the paperback version is usually larger and can accommodate more text.

Are there any benefits associated with purchasing and downloading e-books?

Reading e-books offer numerous benefits for readers, some of which are listed below:

    • Easy to download

    • Cheaper than their hardcopy version

    • Feature in-built search function that takes the reader to the desired page

    • Software to read the book is often easily available and is free to download

    • Researching and organizing the content is much easier compared to a paperback or hardcover book

    • E-books are available online, so you can download them readily without waiting for delayed deliveries of paperback or hardcover version

    • Search the phrase using keywords or a specific phrase

    • Global availability without the fear of online version going out of stock

Can I download the book in different formats if I recently bought a new phone?

  • It is possible, and you can log in to the website using your credentials and customer code. Choose the operating system you want to save the pdf file from getting started. The download will begin within a few seconds. If the download doesn’t start automatically, refresh the page, and it will start to download. If it still doesn’t work, contact our support staff and tell them the problem.

How many readers can I authorize to read the book simultaneously?

  • You can share the book using software for as many reasons as you like. However, you first need to authorize the reader through reader software before commencing. This is a copyright protection feature only and cannot be disabled by any means.