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Book lovers around the world are obsessed with bookmarks. And why wouldn’t they be? Just like a fancy watch or a cute handbag to go with your perfect dress, bookmarks are treated as precious accessories for books.

You might have seen tones of bookmarks in funky styles being sold near bookstores, attracting hundreds of book lovers. Also readily available across stationery stores, bookmarks tend to add extra pomp to your book. But while these can be bought online or from various stores, did you know you can make some yourself at home. You need to grab a few art supplies and tools for it.

Whether you’re curled up in your blanket for a nice read, or you have just started a new book. Make this experience more enjoyable by choosing from a selection of your handmade bookmarks. Read this blog as we have prepared a list of some easy DIY ideas to make bookmarks at home.

Colorful Cardboard Bookmarks

These bookmarks will add some vibrancy to your book. Cut geometrical shapes from colorful cardboard in different shapes for a chic look. Cardboards in pastel hues are top of the trend so, opt for those. After you have cut out a desirable shape, punch in a hole with the help of a punch hole machine to attach a colorful ribbon. Make a bunch of these cardboard bookmarks and gift them to a book lover friend of yours.

Fabric Bookmarks

A great way to utilize any piece of fabric lying around, fabric bookmarks give the book an attractive appeal. Hand stitches this craft if you have a sewing machine but for those who don’t, save yourself from the trouble if you plan to make a dozen. Whether silk, cotton, nylon or even denim, any fabric can make an amazing bookmark.

Lightsaber Bookmarks

For encouraging reading among children, host a bookmark craft session. Grab a couple of craft stickers, washable markers, or paint and a pair of scissors to make these easy lightsaber versions. Ask your child to make their bookmark inspired by their favorite theme or character. Get creative and help them out with the process of adding a personalized touch to their book collection.

Tassel Bookmarks

For adding a little extra oomph to your bookmarks, create your tassels by employing a plastic tassel maker. Using thin fabric strings, make two-tiered tassels and add your own design for the finished look. Choose from various designs, such as floral, polka dot, or any other animal print, to bold it. While you are at it, make sure to use strings made from strong fabric to avoid breakage.

Wrap Up

Before kicking off your next read, whether it’s a few pages or you are just about to complete your book, try some of these DIY hacks to make eye-catching bookmarks and make your book reading experience more special.

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