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The internet has provided everyone with the opportunity to become a publisher. Although not all publishers can meet their readers’ requirements, they can get assistance from any online eBook store in the USA. No matter what made you publish an eBook, your content will not be worth reading if it does not contain the basic features.

But the question is why you need to pay that much attention to your eBook publication features when you can simply go with an attractive cover, a catchy headline, and a logical explanation? Certain eBook features are the major things maximizing the attention span of your readers.

1. Introduction to the Author

You have often noticed that people prefer to buy a book by their favorite authors, available at any online eBook store in the USA or in the market. Usually, readers buy from people rather than companies. This is one of the reasons why they are interested in knowing who wrote their favorite book. It is a common practice of book writers to include their introduction along with their picture at the beginning of their eBooks. This way, their readers get to know whom they are talking with or whose content they like the most.

2. Research-Backed Information

When you step into the writing industry, you must keep in mind that whatever you write should be research-based. When it comes to eBooks, people prefer to read those that contain facts, logical explanations, and information gained from authentic sources. Usually, books available at an online eBook store in the USA are backed by facts. It does not mean that you should include graphs, figures, and charts in your eBooks, but try to keep the content informative and avoid assumptions. This builds the credibility of your publication and allows people to rely on your published material.

3. Content Outline

Have you ever seen a book without a content summary? Almost every book contains a table of contents, giving readers an idea of what they will read. The content summary helps readers understand what a book is about, which topics it covers, and which page number contains their favorite topic. If you go through any online eBook store in the USA, you will find that every book has a table of contents. It lets people skim through the book and choose their favorite reading topic.

4. Graphical Representation

Several ways help eBook writers to include information in their content without making it dry or drawing away their readers’ attention.

Graphical representation is one of the ways to assist eBook writers in communicating all the information to their audience without making them leave the book unread. It gives a break to the readers’ eyes from constantly going through large text blocks or long paragraphs.

The use of graphics within the book makes your content readable and minimizes the use of text People are more attracted to the visual content instead of large paragraphs. This is the reason why authors pay greater attention to this factor.

5. Social Sharing Features

If a person goes through your eBook and finds the content interesting and informative, they will share it in their social circle. Nowadays, everyone relies on social media platforms to build connections, communicate messages, and share informative content. When people find a book worth reading, they go for the option to share it with others. Usually, an online eBook store in the USA allows people to share the link of an eBook on certain social channels.

6. Call to Action

Every piece of content is written with an underlying purpose. It could be business growth, target market expansion, profit maximization, or anything else. After writing high-end content, you must add a call-to-action at the bottom or the end. This will make readers take immediate action if they like your book. Every call to action is not about purchasing; you might ask for readers’ emails, feedback, website visit, or subscription. You can also link your published eBook with your business’ website landing page. Whenever a person clicks on the call-to-action button, they will end up on your landing page.

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