“Your life was transformed for 30 days before Christmas, I always loved the anticipation of it all. “Looking through the Sears Christmas Wish Book was like peeking into Santa’s Workshop. You got to see all the latest toys, clothing, music, electronics and merchandise that Santa was making for the year. The Sears Wish Book was how you made your Christmas list for Santa and gave your parents hints on what you wanted for Christmas.” Thanksgiving Day was the start of it all with the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade and the first sighting of SANTA CLAUS. Being a child and going to bed Christmas Eve and constantly hearing things like, “Don’t get out of bed or Santa won’t stop here” just pushed my imagination. I spent the entire night thinking about Santa Claus visiting MY house, Santa and his Reindeer landing on MY roof, coming down MY chimney, and setting up presents under MY Christmas tree all while I was sound asleep, Oh wait, did I just hear him? There was no other feeling in the world that could replace that!”

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