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Life is not easy, and it is normal to face challenges and be stuck in situations for days, months, and years. While the physical reality of the difficulties might get fixed, one will have to carry the weight of emotional trauma forever. When we are going through a hard time, there are a lot of coping mechanisms we can adapt – movies, comedy shows, vodka shots, songs, chocolates, and of course, books.

Eating unhealthy foods and drinking excessive caffeine can reduce pain intensity for a short time but welcome many health issues with it. In this case, books are full of benefits. They bring comfort and solace because of their humor, perspective, wisdom, and insight. You can read any genre book, but self-help books give advice and bring clarity to life and help you see the positive in every situation – jump out of the emotional bubble you have been trapped in.

With the rise of self-proclaimed gurus, there are thousands of self-help books out there, but here is the list of amazing self-help books that will surely change your life for the better.

Evy Pompouras – Become Bulletproof

Becoming bulletproof is the exceptional work of Evy Pompouras. The authors talk about think like mental healing, resilience, harnessing fear and developing a strong mindset, how to influence others, mechanism of reading other people, and all the cool stuff that you can expect to learn.

Ryan Holiday – Ego is the Enemy

Ego is the enemy written by Ryan Holiday in which author shares solution how to break out from the egoistic thoughts and see things from a different perspective. Nowadays, we judge people fast and give them the title of ‘egoistic person.’ Or do you feel like people notice you wherever you go? Do only bad things happen to you? You are taking things personally. Then this is the book you must read.

James Clear – Atomic Habits

Atomic habits are the international bestseller. James clear’s explains how tiny changes lead to remarkable results. It is one of those over-rated books that give insight into practical tips and psychology, cover every aspect, and give a solution for building healthy habits and breaking old ones.

Ryan Holiday – Stillness is The Key

Ryan holiday’s book stillness is the key is all about why you should stop killing yourself in the name of productivity and enjoy the little moments of life and appreciate yourself for every little step you take. Ryan segmented the book into three sections – mind, body, and soul. Stillness means giving attention to each of these and living happily.

In a nutshell, when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade and enjoy it while reading a good book. Read books to charge your optimism batteries.

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