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How many times throughout the day do we wish that harry potter spells were real or happy ever after existed? More than once. We have often heard about people being addicted to fiction, but do we ever think why? It is because reading fiction is a way to make people understand the world much better. A switch from reality to the imaginary world usually takes people on a huge trip of escape; from complexities, negativity, and harsh life.

Humans are not limited. The vast ability to understand this world has been one of the humans’ biggest superpowers. All they need to have is the courage to explore and understand new dimensions—the courage that writers are blessed with—

If you are one of those who find escape in reading fiction, then here are the books that you must read at least once;

Never Ending Story

Micheal Ende’s classic novel is a must-read, especially for the ones who believe in magic, dimensional transportation, and rise from the dark. The story revolves around overweight and bullied boy, Bastian. Throughout his life, the young boy was humiliated for his appearance. And one day, while trying to escape his bullies, Bastian ends up in an old book store. Amidst hiding from his bullies, he finds a book, “The Never Ending Story.” The storyline keeps Bastian so interested that he ends up imagining himself in the scenarios.

A beautiful mistress of an imaginary world, Fantastica, tries hard to save her land. But upon failing, she meets a boy Auryn, who then helps her overcome all the problems of her land. The chemistry between the two characters convinced Bastian that he was a part of that story. And with just one magic spell, Bastian goes through dimensional transportation to save Fantastica with Auryn.

Harry Potter

Crucio to all those who do not know who Harry Potter is. The Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling has always remained on the top for most fiction lovers. The story is about a magic school, Hogwarts, which is the strangest yet the coolest school of all time. Harry Potter, the lead character, and his friends make it through the ups and downs, with magical spells by their side. Throughout the book, the author has descriptively described different types of magics, fights, and unusual scenarios. Spells we wished were real and could be used on a daily basis.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

The unrealistically real novel by Jules Verne has earned a special place in a lot of hearts. An adventurous tale, political annotation, and scientific utopia, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is, indeed, a great read. The story of a sea monster on the loose and two marine biologists who go in search of the monster, and end up being his captives, perfectly depicts how things work underwater.

The Kingdom

Who doesn’t want to visit a place where dreams become a reality? Jess Rothenberg’s sci-fi fantasy, which makes people question what is real and what is not, has always been one of the top priorities of fiction readers. The story is based on a girl, Ana, who works at a futuristic Disneyland-themed park with bio-engineered animals, dolphins, and strange creatures. With the purpose of fulfilling people’s desires and need, the book keeps people hooked, especially when a murder mystery strikes.


Who knew that “the dead could talk” isn’t a lie. Belinda Bauer’s novel is one of the best thrillers that a person must read. The lead, Patrick Fort, is a medical student with Asperger’s syndrome in this book. And while examining a dead body, Patrick feels that the dead could talk. Upon a little more investigation, he found out that he wasn’t wrong. The issue was that only he could hear the dead person talk. The already challenging life becomes tougher for Patrick, which keeps the readers hooked up.

Wrapping It Up

Let these six books take you through a roller coaster of emotions and feelings with the adventures and fantasies.

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