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The best way to tell kids about the harsh realities of the world is through fairytales.

Kids deserve to know how things work, but at such a young age, they are too naïve to understand things. In order to make kids build a sense of reality, fairytales come to the rescue. Fairytales or stories are one of the most descriptive yet creative ways that let kids understand different dynamics. These books help them know that not everything is how we perceive them, there are times when unreal is the reality, and the unknown is not really the unknown.

A young mind is like wet clay; it could be shaped in any way, so why not shape it in the best possible ways. Here are the top three fairytales that parents must read to their kids in order to build a sense of love, empathy, and low-key reality,

Top-Three Fairytales

Indeed, raising a child is difficult in this era. When everyone is so exposed to technology and the internet, it becomes a challenge to bond better with kids over bedtime stories. If you are a parent and were looking for the best fairytales for your kids, then here are the top-three recommendations;


The book illustrated by Carlo Collodi is one of the best stories of all time. Through this book, parents can actually make their kids understand the importance of truth. The story revolves around a boy whose nose size increases every time he lies. There comes a time when that kid’s nose grows abnormally large, which makes him look funnier to all.

Even though the importance of truth would be learned because of the fear of a grown nose, it still would be a positive impact. This way, kids will know that no matter what happens, if they lie, they will have to pay the price.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty lies within, and this story by Gabrielle Suzzane is one of the biggest proof of this. In this story, the writer has openly discussed the sensitive topic of beauty standards in a way that is understandable to kids. The story is about a beautiful girl who falls in love with a beast just because of his kind and generous personality.

With this story, kids can understand that inner beauty matters the most. There will be a time when everything will go, and at that moment, the ones with a good personality will stay. This story has helped a lot of kids understand the importance of a good personality.

Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

The book written by Ann Blades helps kids understand that no matter how smartly one works to cheat on others, they will always end up devastated. The story is about a wolf who tricks seven little kids after their mother goes out in search of food. The wolf ends up eating the seven little goat kids, but once the mother gets to know about it, she makes sure that the wolf pays a high price.

This story is one way to let kids understand that they cannot go too far once they cheat on someone. Truth and good deeds always find their way, and so do bad deeds and harmful actions.


Kids must know that the world is not an easy place to be, and fairytales are, to date, the best ways to let kids build perceptions smartly.

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